About Us

Our services include:
·        Retail Security
·        Site Security
·        Mobile Patrolling
·        Key Holding and alarm response
·        Locking Up service
These are just a few of the services which we provide. We strive to make sure that all our officers are to the best possible standard and in accordance with the Security Industry Authority.  It is our duty to make sure your place is safe and secure at all times. All our guards are fully vetted and have a checkable work history. By choosing 2S Security Ltd, there are many benefits which it could bring you, these are:
·        Annual paid holiday
·        SER (service evaluation report) carried out every month to ensure clients are happy with the service we provide.
·        Immediate cover for shortage of staff
·        Uniforms and all necessary equipment will be provided
·        All guards will be insured under 2S Security Ltd
·        Regular patrols making your site less attractive to potential vandals and thieves
In today’s tough economic climate, being faced with diverse and often growing risks, ensuring the security of key assets – people, takings, products and reputation – is a challenge for any company.
2S Security Ltd understands that true benefit from security is not gained simply by providing uniformed personnel.
From our experience, protection of lives and property spanning through all facets of life in our ever-evolving community demands a dedicated, reliable and well equipped security service we pride ourselves because we are well staffed, well equipped, dedicated and promptly respond to customers’ emergency needs.
That is why our primary goal is to protect and prevent assault from client staff and customers, property, assets and stock, deter persons from entering client site to commit theft or other criminal activity and anti-social behavior we are flexible and ready to work with other affiliated bodies to ensure that contracted security needs are met as intended for the customers.
We are willing to negotiate a reasonable pay to offer our professional staff. Our company will work around your pay package.

In addition to this, we have also had the privilege of working at events such as The World Curry Festival, IIFA Awards, Bradford Mela, One Direction, Tour de France, Oakwell Music Festival, Solid Impact Boxing event etc, providing security and chauffeur services and also professional close protection service which we are highly established in doing. At the World Curry Festival 2S Security Ltd provided close protection to the American Ambassador.

2S Security Ltd is a versatile company which not only offers training but also professional services. We provide services for all sorts of occasions and events.  2S Security Ltd is passionate about the professional security services we provide our clients. Our employees are all carefully chosen, trained in the protection of the public, vetted and screened. We embrace the regulations and accreditation's of our industry and strive continuously to improve our service delivery.

Our fully vetted and screened guards have had the experience of providing the best security in many high retail stores such as Harvey Nichols, Marks and Spencer’s, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s just to name a few.